Thursday, 22 November 2012

The unexpected package

It's Monday morning and I wake up in a bad mood. You see, the previous night, while working on my laptop, the power cord that charges my computer got completely cut. Which meant an empty battery and no access to my work whatsoever. I was dreading the fact that now I had to spend time fixing it, instead of working on my projects.

But when I came down the stairs to have breakfast I encountered an envelope and a big red box on my dining seat. There was a big surprise that totally changed my mood for the rest of the day.

First, my new flight miles card for the oneworld airline network had arrived, which was pretty fast I might say. But who am I kidding, that's not a reason to be that happy about. No, no. The big red box was the one that did the trick.

It was from Iceland, and came at least 1 week and a half before I was expecting it. It contained all the yarn that I had bought just 5 days before!! (including weekend)

You can imagine that at that moment I was like a little kid getting his present on Christmas day. Haven't had this feeling in years! And it's strange, since I was the one that ordered my 'present', so I knew what it was, but I had never felt it, or seen it live, so I guess that was enough to cheer me to the core!

I have spent the previous 4 days mostly knitting and trying to knit simultaneously with any other activity. I decided to start with the Flowerpot coat, since it's the bulky one, which means that it will finish faster and because it's the one that I chose different colors than those used in the pattern so I was very curious to see how it will turn out! 
I have no pictures yet, but I can tell you so far so good!

Also on other news, I suppose I won't have time to post again before the weekend, so I am reporting this now, this weekend it's the 2nd Patras Salsa Meeting and I am attending! It will be two days filled with dancing lessons. Can't wait!

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