Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Crochet with beads and white bottoms

During studying I kept dreaming of sunny beaches and swimming, and thinking what my new bikini top should be, since my old one is falling big on me ever since I lost some weight.
I didn't have to ponder much: I came up with the idea of a crochet coral beaded bra!

It doesn't really matter that after 2 months I have only been swimming twice.. the top is awesome! Above all, I like the contrast of coral with turquoise and the combination of texture and beads.

My original idea was to find 3 different stitch patters, 2 lace and one texture that would go well together. I searched my stitch dictionaries and found several that at first glance looked good. There was an extra challenge, the textured stitch had to have the ability to show off the beads I was intending to use. So I did a small swatch and decided based on that on where to put the beads.

The other two stitch patterns where useful for the sides-band and the center of the bra - they had to be lacy and structural. The sides-band stitch was a success, it even allowed me to add buttons for fastening without creating buttholes, but the other one did not do so well. The center of the bra ended being too wide to hold together anything.

From the start neck straps that would hold the center together were planed. To solve the above problem, I had to try different types of knotting and braiding the straps in order to find one that would provide security and support. I settled with the corset-classic zig-zag braiding, but that meant that the two textured parts would have to completely hide the lacy center: and that is what happened in the end.
I don't mind that much about this though, in the future maybe I will be able to find a better way to handle this problem.

The neck straps are not simple chain stitch chains: those were not an option because I knew from experience that they are really hard against the skin, mainly because of their lack of elasticity and small circumference. 
Instead, I tried a variation that worked like a charm: the single crochet foundation stitch.
Basically what you do, is work single crochets instead of chain stitches. That gives an elastic finish, that works well as straps!

People keep asking me wether I am planning to create a matching bottom, but it is in my humble opinion, that crochet bottoms for sandy beaches are not hygienic at all! IYWIM..

But I have created one, just to try it out and also because there was an inquiry about it. A tightly light fingering weight crochet bikini bottom:

It a Brazilian cut and in S-M size, looks very cute when put on, but not worth the trouble making it. It took me several hours to make it, more than crocheting two Medium size bras. I have not decided what to do with it yet, since the person that was interested never replied back, but I know for sure I can't wear it unless I lose 10+ kilos xD 
It's small for me, so, I guess I can keep it for the future or sell it. I haven't listed in on my Etsy shop yet, but if you are interested it, email me! I also have a matching color bra available.

That's it for now, hope that you are having a lovely summer! At least I am trying to xD


  1. Gosh, I can tell you must have put tons of work into that! The top looks absolutely fantastic, I love the color especially. Sorry you aren't happy with the bottoms, it happens to us all.

    1. Thanks! I am pretty satisfied with the design of the bottoms, it turned out better than I expected - but I still think it's better to use ready made ones instead of going into the trouble to make of making them yourself.