Monday, 7 July 2014

Crochet hooks

About a month ago, I (lately) realised that on ebay one can find lots and lots of kinds crochet hooks on very low prices. (from China of course)
So since my collection of crochet hooks was very small, I decided to buy whole sets of crochet hooks and compare their quality and usability. Each set didn't cost more than 3-3.5 euros, so even if some of them didn't work properly, no harm done!

I ordered a bamboo and an aluminum set with a range from 2.0mm to 10.00-12.00mm and a bamboo set of tiny crochet hooks with range from 0.75mm to 3.5mm. I have been crocheting a lot the past month, so I had the chance to try all of them out.

All of them seem to be of decent quality for their money except from one detail: the very thin bamboo hooks (less than 2.5mm) are not sturdy at all. I tried working with the 2mm one and before completing 10 single crochets, the edge broke in half. The aluminum one didn't break but I felt it bending a bit while crocheting.
So from that experience I understood that when working with smaller hooks and tightly, steel hooks are preferable.

On the other hand, the tiny set is pretty neat. The large handle is more comfortable than I anticipated and nice to the touch. I have the suspicion though, that I crochet more loosely with these hooks.

Because I bought all sets from different sellers, each package arrived on very different times and the first one to arrive was the bamboo set. I was hyped with it, and while looking at it, I got the idea: Why not try to add some color?
So I got down to it, and a few minutes later, bright blue and gold details decorated each hook:

When all sets arrived, I realised that I had to find a way to organise them properly. The aluminum set arrived in it's own sleeve case and that was pretty good, since I had nowhere else to put them. xD For all the rest, including hooks out of sets, I used a pencil case I dug out of my stored stuff that I had kept since primary school. It is in excellent condition, and apparently the perfect case for hooks!

Among other supply purchases, are also a set of 1m circular needles, several types of beads, pretty buttons and very cute scissors.

I have also used a pair or two of the circulars and even though the stitches don't slip from side to side easily on the plastic cord, it is very flexible and quite practical I would say.
Looking forward to using all of the above on more projects!

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