Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A summer shawl

After completing the last cycle of knitting lessons, I was left with a few materials and among them were also a few cotton yarn skeins. Looking for a way to use them up, I came up with the idea of a simple summer shawl.

The goal was to use 100% of three different color skeins, so color blocking came to mind. Even though the shape is mostly improvised on the go, the result surprised me with it's practicality: I ended up with a wonderful drape and a construction that sits comfortably on the shoulders. The element that I like the most though, is the self-emerging collar around the neck. It is really elegant.

The shawl itself is rather lightweight and very soft and I think it makes for a perfect summer accessory. The color combination is rather unusual, but it seems ok (at least for me, that I avoid pink at all costs!)
It is also available for sale on my shop!

Right now I am working on a second version of this shawl and I am looking forward to see the results! I am at the garter stitch border, so I will know soon enough.

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