Friday, 1 August 2014

Cross stitching - Ukrainian biscornu

After years and years of 'i am going to do this someday', that someday finally came :) I recently completed my first cross stitch project, and I couldn't have been more satisfied.

This project comes with a story: it is Ukrainian! The design is Ukrainian, and the fabric used was given to me by a friend's sweet grandma while I was visiting their village in Ukraine. :) She was the one that showed me the basic cross stitches back then, even though our only communication tools where a smile and 'Dyakuyu ' (which means thank you). She didn't understand a word of English, and I not a word of Ukrainian. xD But for the course of a weekend, we managed to communicate, somehow.

Now I need to surprise this grandma somehow, I think she would love to see that something has been done with a simple piece of fabric she gave away! :)

The design was bought on Etsy, where I discovered a whole bunch of cute patterns made by a Ukrainian Lady. The shop is called Fire Place Hobby. I am definitely going to buy more, since all patterns are exceptionally detailed and beautiful.

I decided to deviate from the original colors and use brown as the main color - from there I wanted a color from the same family and a color of contrast, so I settled on ceramic red and pale light blue. The only problem was that I run out of brown when I did the square borders, so I used a slightly different shade of brown for one part and the ceramic red for another one. I think those additions kind of 'destroy' the overall design, but I was working those parts over the weekend and didn't have the patience to wait for Monday shopping. xD

I started working on it as soon as my exams where over, and it proved to be a very relaxing project. The timing also meant of course that I was stitching while watching the entire Season 4 of Game of Thrones! I had refrained myself from watching any of it during the exams and that proved to be a good idea - given the exciting developments each episode left you hanging with. :)

my cotton filling is almost always a bit sloppy

Now every time I look at the central motif I think of two things: a labyrinth and Game of Thrones.

Not bad. The only thing left now is to take it out and fill it with blocking pins!


  1. Very good work!!! I love your choose of colors and it is brilliant!!!!
    I am so happy you like my patter, thank you for your pleasant words))))
    A nd I want to say to you "Дякую"

    1. You are welcome!! :) I am looking forward to see what else beautiful patterns you will create :) :)

  2. That is beautiful, so so gorgeous! And this is your first project! I hope you decide to try more!

    1. thank you :)
      in some ways, cross stitching is simpler than knitting or crochet, and definitely makes a good project to always carry in your bag :)