Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bundle of swimsuit tops

I have been quite productive in the summer crochet department, for more than a month now I have been knitting swimsuit tops.. some as custom orders, one for myself, and quite a few for the Etsy shop.

I hadn't quite realised how many I made until I started documenting my progress for the corresponding
Ravelry project: 10 bikini tops in different sizes and color combinations.

I followed my good old pattern with mainly the same Crochet cotton yarn, but also tried with a thinner cotton thread and achieved a more lightweight-underwear like result. Because of the lighter yarn and the need to produce more sizes, I modified the pattern just a little bit upon each occasion. I just had to add or skip rounds in the end of the circle or at the end of the triangle, and I could easily adjust the size of each finished triangle.

Another new element are the straps, where in most cases were created with my new knitting mill. They are quite practical as straps, as they are stretchy but not hard/painful on the skin when tied. The only downside is that they need a hell of a lot of time to produce correctly. I have spent several hours in total to produce them all.

Right now I am up to something completely new. I am crocheting a new swimsuit top in which I am also adding beads! This is the first time I use beads and am very excited! Even though they are a pain in the ass to string on the crochet thread. xD

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