Saturday, 31 May 2014

Stash and needle organising

So, I have been on an organising fever lately and I have mostly been tidying up my yarn and needle stash. I have been rewinding most of my skeins into symmetrical spirals or yarn, diving them in see-through plastic bags either by project or by yarn type.

That process has helped me use up much less room space and find lost hanks of yarn that I have had been looking for for some time. xD 

I even got to organise 3 bags of hand-me-down embroidery floss, which I had no idea about color/type quantities that existed.. which is also why my original idea of storing them side side by side in vertical position didn't work! They were too many, and many of them needed rewinding. Currently I have each color divided in small bags and
and each type in bigger ones. But I don't think that's overly practical, so I decided to search the internet for ideas. I have found the following which I find the most inspirational: Cutting and holding on a loop

I will have to look into what can work best for my situation. 

When working with needles, I find tubes to be the most useful way to keep them together. I use different ones depending on the type of needles I am storing: eg I have one just for hooks, another for circulars, another for dpns. But which way can I organise them so I don't mess them up when moving them? 

The new idea was about the organisation of needles for transportation and it was a success! I have found a small bag with two openings, in which I store all my dpns, circulars and crochet hooks. Each dpn set and circular is stored in a different plastic bag which is labeled with their number and finally tucked in the bag in order of magnitude (thinner to thicker) 
I have kept all the bags in which the bamboo dpns and circulars came in so that part was easy. The mettalic dpns on the other hand never had bags, so I had no way to store them until I devised the following:

I took a regular plastic bag and divided in sections using a stapler, and voila! There is room for all needles and the bag is easy to fold and carry around.

I am waiting now for some crochet hook sets and circular sets to arrive, which will definitely become a challenge to organise!

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