Monday, 5 May 2014

What does failure feel like?

For sure, not like the first time you experience failure in a knitted garment. I recently finished a garment that overall is greatly executed, but looks good only on the cloth hanger. Sadly, it needs to be ripped apart and I was amazed that this realisation brought a disappointment much milder than the first time this ever happened.

The La Gran Drop Stitch dress was on my queue since the Winter Whimsy booklet came out in 2009, but somehow I never got around to make the dress. It is a nice dress, in my favorite color and depicts the style of clothing I used to wear at the time. But time has passed since then, (5 years!), my taste is a bit different, but my will to make this dress the same.

I admit, I had my doubts when I was making it that it will look nice on me, but I resolved not to make a decision until it's finished and blocked. Not a bad idea, but it turns out blocking made it worse. I have taken pictures of me modelling it, but in no way I will post those online: I took them just as a self-reminder not to do stupid things!

How does it look bad? It barely holds shape, the shoulders are bad, really badly shaped and it makes the one wearing it look double their real size.

So now I have to rip it entirely and reclaim the yarn. I haven't found the energy to do this yet, since I am avoiding the dreadful set in sleeves that took me 3 tries each to sew appropriately. I have nothing against this technique, it's just that the yarn I used, Rowan kid classic, will be a pain in the ass to separate from the seams without getting it tangled or destroyed.

I have had my share of fun with this pattern: mainly because I tried dropped stitches for the first time. They are cool! and cute! For sure I am going to used them again elsewhere.

And also, since I am only sharing blocking pictures, if you are wondering how I managed that skirt circle, that's with flexible blocking wires that are fixed together with regular cloth clippers.

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