Saturday, 3 May 2014

Kar{e)tpostal care tags!

Recently I realised that writing out care instructions in a tag that accompanies the handmade item you have made, is not really practical, so a month ago I released a template that would solve this need.

So I tried drawing! I researched which are the most common care labels for handmade items, draw each one of them by hand and put them in a card.

The result are the Kar{e)tpostal care tags:

I used different kinds of scenes for each care label. Mostly I tried to keep it funny and entertaining. At some points I even amazed myself with the details I came up with! I was working them on my tablet and each drawing had to be in worked in extreme zoom in order to be sure that each line would look like it should.. at some points I thought my eyesight would deteriorate as my eyes felt really tired, but it was worth it!

There are four available formats for the front for maximum customization. Plus: If you are a business owner, you can use these for your handmade items!
For more details regarding their format, you can check out here, where they are sold.
You can also check the review Dayana from DayanaKnits wrote about them! :)
It is quite strange, but I totally agree with her on the use of these tags. :)

Do you think these are useful? would you use them when handing out handmade items?

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