Sunday, 30 June 2013

New equipment

For the upcoming trip to Iceland I needed a pair of hiking boots (since we will be hiking on rough terrain) so I was searching into various options and in the end got a pair in Slovakia!

It's a bit funny how I got to decide on them, because I was initially between two different pairs - with different price range and certainly fit. I liked the fit of the more expensive ones more, and I was also reassured that they were of better quality, but on the other hand I didn't have that much money to spend, and it was not like the cheaper pair were that bad at all. In fact I liked it's grip around my ankle much more.

I spent a day wondering what to do, and still had no decision made on the morning of the purchase. So I got this idea: to flip a coin! I chose each side(heads/tails) for one pair of shoes and made the deal: me and my host would flip at the same time and whenever we got the same side, I would get that pair.

From the first flip we had a result: the cheaper ones! xD
It's weird how it felt like a burden was lifted after this!

The boots are not the only addition to practical equipment!
Few weeks ago I finally decided to buy myself a pair of yarn swift and ball winder. I got them from this shop, along with a set of wooden dpns.
They are all amazing! and the swift and winder amazingly fast and efficient! I am really wondering what the hell have I been doing up until now - wasting hours and hours of hand winding yarn!

Needless to say, from the moment I got them, I got down to winding, and it's so relaxing! xD

The dpns are also great, and certainly a kind I can't find in Greece, especially in that price! I am actually thinking of getting some with me in the trip, so I can knit a pair of socks or mittens.

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