Monday, 17 June 2013


I am not much of a cook. In fact I don't know if I even have covered the basics of cooking. But I now one thing for sure, I go crazy for pancakes. The American type.

Ever since I bought the Cooking for Geeks book, I have to admit I haven't cooked much. Even though I actually want to read it whole one day, the only thing I keep going back to is the pancake recipe.

Until I found out the recipe for German pancakes, which I actually prefer, although I haven't got around to perfect the recipe yet. I think I am using the wrong flour or something.

But the newest craze is THIS! It's the easier recipe ever! And super yummy too! I have made it only once, and in the beginning I thought: "oh, I don't think I have used the right ingredient measurements, it will probably fail". It did not. 
For the next tries I am thinking of doing variations for it, and even make it so that I can combine it with ice-cream too! ^^

I will have to buy lot's of Nutella!

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