Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Road Trip - Norway pt. 2

Day 8 and we started with a van in a ditch. Unfortunately while trying to get the cars closer to the road, our 9-seat van fell into a ditch. After 2 or 3 hours of trying almost everything to get the car out, we managed to get a fellow Norwegian farmer to pull the van out with his traktor. This small misfortune made us fall behind on schedule, so we concluded that we should drive the rest of the day without stops, so that we would reach Trondheim in time.

We were also lucky, because there was no sun or good weather to lure us out of the cars. It was greyish and raining most of the time. It was like that also when we crossed the polar circle. This time there was a monument so we couldn't miss it. :p

We camped at some random place we found and we continued with Day 9, when after some more driving we reached Trondheim in the afternoon. Our awesome organisers had scheduled a visit to a big spa in the city (with also a great view), but me and a few others decided to leave the spa earlier than the others in order to have enough time for a mini city rally. So we strolled around the city center, did silly things, took pictures, saw beautiful monuments. We dinned at an international fast food place, mainly because it was too expensive to go anyway else. (That meal was expensive too!) Afterwards, we joined the rest of the group and went for a glass of beer in one of the many shops residing in the banks of the river crossing the city. Really beautiful and quite with a Norwegian feeling to it.

Later that day we managed to skip camping for that night (almost) since we were hosted by two guys from LBG Trondheim. They didn't have enough room for 20 people, that's why we did set up some tents in their backyard. We had totally awesome dinner - Norwegian fish on the grill. We played some drinking games - we really did need some more social time together!

And the next day, Day 10 we set out to visit some of the most famous sights in Norway. We first stopped at the so-called Atlantic Road, had lunch, and then moved on to Trollstigen Road, the rout of trolls. Really amazing scenery, glaciers and many traffic signs warning us of trolls. So cute!
We drove all the way to the top of Trollstigen Road to fully embrace and enjoy the breathtaking landscape. Took many pictures of course (not me!) and continued our route in the top of the mountains towards the Geirangerfjord. 

If I describe the top of Trollstigen Road as breathtaking, how should I describe Geirangerfjord? I am really out of words. Everything in those places was so beautiful that I think I need a dictionary to describe them fully.

But alas, that day was very nice, the camping place too. Accompanied also by a couple of troll goats. They were lost (I guess) and following us around everywhere. Sticking their heads inside our plastic bags and tents. Quite funny at some points. But the funniest part was when we were carrying our stuff from the cars to the camping place. There was quite a distance so there was walking to be done. At almost the middle of the route the goats were stuck, because they started following people and when they met others coming from the opposite direction, they stopped and followed them instead. They continued to do this several times and it was hilarious because there were a lot of us coming and going so they didn't go any further than a few meters!

On Day 11, we started the day with debating whether we should visit some glaciers or just stay in the area a bit before continuing driving. I have to admit that I was a big spoiler of the others' plans because when we stopped for brunch, we happened to be in the banks of a very beautiful lake, so I suggested that we could spend some more time there and swim in the lake. Which we did, and was pretty amazing. Sunbathing in the snow and swimming in ice cold lake. All that under 20 degrees sunny weather. Totally awesome. Professional fashion photographers would kill for that kind of setting.

The rest of the day was mainly spent driving, passing through tunnels, driving, taking ferries and driving. Oh, and some more driving. But we also had a stop to visit a black wooden church, an architecture monument, one of the last of it's kind. An example of wooden architecture in the north before the arrival and domination of stone and concrete structures.

That night we had the worst camping ever. It was emergency camping, in the rain, by the road. It was already pretty late (after 2am) when we found that place and had no choice but to camp there.

But one bad condition camping night could not destroy our Day 12 of the trip, when we arrived at one of the most anticipated destinations. Preikestolen. We spent most of the day there, hiking all the way to the top. I also managed to reach the top, although I had an injured knee. I have no words for the view from the top - but there is no need anyway. With a quick Google search anyone can find tons and tons of photos of that top.

Later, and after some more driving, we camped at a really beautiful place and had the best camping of the whole trip! We finally had time and the right conditions to set up a camping fire. Which of course included delicious Italian pasta, Austrian Stroh, drinks, fun, sharing, games and 2 random Swedish guys.

Day 13 was unfortunately the last day of the scheduled trip, but we still had some more visiting to do! Our last stop in Norway was Oslo, where we did some sightseeing, visited a big park filled with peculiar statues, the port, a fortress and the Opera of Oslo. Lots of pictures taken there! 
We had to say early goodbyes to some of the members of the groups, and it was not easy. It became even harder a few hours later in Gothenburg, when more had to leave in order to catch their flights. Saying goodbye after such kind of trips is never easy.

For the rest of us that still had one more day in Gothenburg, the trip had not finished just yet.

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