Monday, 29 October 2012

Inspiration, ideas, tutorials

I haven't posted in some time inspirational pages I have found in the internet and I intend to do so now, even in bulk. :P

First some random stuff, like How to make a Celtic heart knot still have to learn this!, How to make Henna tattoos at home, Making Pom Poms in bulk, a Pixie tutu, Indian Shisha embroidery, and a free pattern for French cuisine embroidery.

I was mesmerised when I found out about arm knitting, which definitely must require strength. But it's totally awesome, yes?

Or when I found out that Cornell University has developed software that simulates knitting. In 3D.

I also discovered things that are not so new but definitely good looking:

A very helpful online stitch database, Craftcookie, and two reasons to gather money for, Knitting Traditions around the world and Rowan: Nordic Tweed.

And since I haven't posted enough photos yet, now enjoy to your heart's content:
Editorial of Vogue Korea's July issue

Combination of different arts

A Treehouse

An alternative cinema

Amazing embroidery

Intriguing Architecture

Fashion (and a wish to be able to make dresses like this one:)

and Paradise on earth

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