Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bandana Cowl

Well here is a disappointment I haven't seen in a while.

I did this cowl 3 times, but still managed to make a mistake. Of course by the third time I had no will to try and fix the problem. So I just left it like that. And hope that someday I will finally make it again.

The pattern by itself is quite clever. It's a pattern from Purl Bee and it's a great way to make something simple and beautiful while learning short rows!

I made several modifications, some of them had to do with the look of it (different pattern stitch in the edges) and some with the measurements. I didn't have enough yarn, and I really wanted to use this particular skein I had for 2 reasons: it's a discontinued series, so no more of that for now, and I really liked how the colors matched with this project.

The big mistake that I realised after I had the cowl finished, was that in one of the sides that there are decreases, I decreased with the wrong inclination. Sh*t, I thought. But it's still ok, since it's not so visible.

I am actually thinking of making this cowl again, but with different yarn. And try to test myself if this time I will pay the amount of attention needed and finish it without overworking on it.

It would be good also if the weather decided to cool down, so I can finally wear all these things I have made these months!

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