Tuesday, 11 September 2012

When procrastinating,

I do totally random things. Some of them include using my camera to take pictures like these:

Random states, random things, random times. There is even a very interesting essay, and a book based on the need for procrastination and how this can actually help you finish your tasks. So I guess I am also not very far from the author's description of a Procrastinator, although I think that I eventually push myself to to the tasks on top of the list. :\

But I don't think that right now I am making much progress, I feel that more or less I am stacking tasks one upon another in my list, and at the same time choosing to watch Korean and Japanese Drama/Movies instead of working on them, or even blogging about what's going on. Because there are a lot of stuff I would like to write about, but just keep avoiding the issue. ^^ And I really don't know why I am this bored.

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