Saturday, 22 September 2012

Stitches and Gems

I received a bag as a present a while ago and after a few days I realised it could work as a stitching canvas! So I thought of different combinations I could try with the holes available, and after some time I ended up with this:

It is one of the simplest combinations I came up with and I concluded in this one, because at some point I thought that I shouldn't complicate all designs I have in hand (I tend to do that). So I settled for a simpler design. That I hope also boosts the bag's appearance. ^^

As for gems, it's not about the kind that one might use in handwork, but the kind of gems that one finds in the Internet and makes one wonder: Where have I been living the past several years?

From link to another link I stumbled upon a 2007 series, Pushing Daisies, and what can I say, I am amazed. It's a fantasy comedy drama series of -sadly- only 2 seasons. I won't tell you the scenario, but I will tell you the elements I like about it: the speed-wit, the underlying allegories, the narrator (with smooth comforting voice!), the directing, the colors! and of course the sets. The Amelie kind of feeling to it.

Another two elements that caught my immediate attention, were that the Private Investigator, Emerson Cod, knits (there is a specific part dedicated to it, loved it!) as the show makes every effort of promoting it in various situations, and the wonderful, amazing dresses the female lead wears at times. (I am not mentioning the very handsome lead actor now, am I?)

So after finishing this series and wanting for more I checked the other shows of creator Bryan Fuller. So far I have added Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls in my to-watch list, but I have started only with the first one. Which so far is pleasing and quite clever, but can't have an opinion on it further than that.

And something random:a pointer game.

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