Thursday, 31 May 2012

What have you been surfing about lately?

Exam period means procrastination, and procrastination means internet surfing. And of course this time is no exception although considerably less than other times. So the inspiring and educational things I have to show you today can be summarized in the following: TED Talks, Mario Testino photoshoots, comics, articles, patterns and an interesting discovery.

So let's begin with the list of TED Talks I have watched recently and really liked:

If you are interested in..

astrophysics, take a look at these two:
mindblowing discoveries:
what women can achieve (or should achieve):
stories about ice, nature, future and power:
Some of these talks are simply stunning - and food for thought!

But learning about things is not enough. One also needs to look at pretty things, and here is where two photoshoots of Mario Testino come in: first and second.

What make me have a very good laugh lately is The Oatmeal's comic about Tesla (and the continuing posts about it) also this article entitled Thick books and Thin films.

And also, something related to knitting, this shawl:


And last but not least a discovery I haven't wrote about for some time now. A friend once introduced me to this incredible website, a website about movies! It is the best site to find the movies you have been looking for based on your own personal tastes and movies you have already watched.

For example, let's say that you watched Star Wars and you want to find a similar movie. You go to the movie page and look below right at a box that has the recommendations according to key tags. If you want eg more adventure you increase the adventure-meter and you get the appropriate results!

It simply rocks! And it is the best tool for people like me, that always have a hard time finding an interesting movie to watch! :p

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