Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Belgrade ♡

Just two days ago, I returned from an amazing trip to Serbia. It was long, and a bit tiring in the beginning (almost 19 hours by bus to reach Belgrade) but it was totally worth it!
 I went for holidays and stayed at a very good friend of mine for 8 days. Yeah, it's more than enough to see a city, but my goal was to relax also, not just sightseeing. And hopefully I succeeded in doing so. ^^ I left Patras in an extremely bad mood and too tired to have any energy for anything.
I met a lot of friends, both from Serbia and foreigners (there was a BEST event going on in the first days), learned a bit of Serbian! and practiced my German a bit.. though gtalk. :p

As for my impressions of Belgrade, what can I say, I fell in love from the first day! And I didn't expect to like it so much, I mean, I have been to cities such as Paris, and I was not that amazed!
During the time I was there, I was trying to find the reason why I liked it so much, and I think I have an answer for it... Belgrade has for me the perfect combination, it's neither too cold or harsh as northern European cities, nor soft and 'halara' as southern cities. (Take for example Greek ones)

Of course I loved their parks! They have almost in every corner about one, and I didn't miss the chance to exploit them... reading books in benches in the middle of a green paradise. :p

Almost every day I was outdoors walking, walking, walking and walking so much, that I lost weight! (I still wonder how that happened, I ate at least an ice cream and a chocolate per day...) So, I had the chance to see many parts of the city! I stayed in the old part, but visited New Belgrade also (or Novi Belgrade, better!) and Zemun, a district in New Belgrade near the river. 

As for sightseeing, my favorites were the Ethnological museum, the Nikola Tesla Museum, the Kalemegdan Fortress and the Zoo (spent something like 3 hours in there :p).

In the Ethnological M.  I found this cape:
with which I simply fell in love..

The Nikola Tesla M. was one of my must-visits anyway, since Nikola Tesla may be my favorite scientist ever.. so as you can imagine I enjoyed there the tour too. ^^ I also bought a book, containing a philosophical essay written by Tesla something like 100 years ago. I have read one chapter, and I can say it's interesting enough! 

Ahhh the Fortress... I honestly don't know how many times I went there! almost everyday, and sometimes twice a day! (I am crazy, I know, but I really liked it..) It is also very big, so there are many places to sit around, enjoy the sun and relax...

And last but not least, the nightlife! I had heard that nightlife in Belgrade rocks, and hell it does! There are many clubs/bars/after-party places/after-after-party places/anything-that-can-exist-or-you-can-think-of  that you can choose based on your tastes, eg. in music, and which of course don't close at 1.am. They can keep going until the first morning hours. For me that's the 'right' way of going out at night. :p

But apart from Belgrade and it's greatness, I also planned to visit Novi Sad, another city, which I eventually didn't, and I hope I will have the chance next time I visit Serbia! ^^

Some interesting and random facts about Belgrade:
  • Serbian people love Greece! Most of them visit Greece for summer holidays and a great deal of them also speak Greek!
  • I could hear Greek music from any kind of cafeteria/bar/fast food restaurant
  • There was actually a place with Greek pita gyros, which I tried, and have to admit, a lot better than any pita gyros I have tasted in Greece!
  • Drivers in the streets actually pay attention to passengers
  • They say 'ciao' even to passing strangers!

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