Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wedding gifts pt2 - Vulpix

The second wedding gift I completed was Vulpix in a vivid combination of dark grey and light green.


Vulpix is a very pretty design and upon first glance, I liked it better than Sharktooth. After knitting both though, I would say the opposite. The main reason for that is that Vulpix is HUGE. It does not provide much knitting interest to counter that. After a while there are hundreds and hundreds stitches per row of garter or stockinette stitch. That's plain boring. Even if you change colors every now and then.

I understand the use of garter stitch in shawls/scarfs for the sake of pattern stability and cloth drape, but man is it the most boring of all.

To be fair, the pattern has some interest aspects in two parts: the slip stitch central design (in the beginning) and the short row section (in the middle). I enjoyed both of these, but not more than that.

Because I used DK weight yarn instead of fingering, I omitted several pattern repeats throughout the design for two reasons: it was turning out too big and well, I was bored. xD

I really like the result, but I would think twice before attempting this pattern in the near future. I would choose it only if I wished for a simple and mindless project with no definite completion DL.

Because of it's finished size, it was challenging to take pictures of and to block, not hard to pack!
I thoroughly enjoyed packing both of the shawls for my friends and also used this opportunity to use most of my rubber stamps and my Kar{e}tpostal care tags!

I have blurred out some details for privacy's sake, but other than that, here is how it looked:

Each big envelope holds a shawl, while the small one a handwritten card of best wishes.

I wonder why packing is as enjoyable as opening up a present package. Why do you think?


  1. Oh you did a wonderful job with the packing, so cute! That shawl turned out monstrous in size! I definitely don't blame you for modifying the pattern. It looks fantastic though!

    1. Yeap it did! and I omitted about half the repeats - I think it would be a blanket otherwise, not a shawl!