Monday, 8 September 2014

Wedding gifts pt1 - Sharktooth

Yesterday I failed an exam and disappointment was inevitable. After coming home instead of finding some time to rest, I threw myself to work to feel better. I managed to finish quite a few things, which means that today I got to have time to write for the blog. Yay!

I am not really a knit-to-gift person. I have gifted and continue to gift away knits but I am particularly picky when it comes to recipients. I have met and experienced both knitworthy and un-knitworthy people and sometimes I think that the whole process isn't worth the trouble. 
I prefer it when the recipients enjoy their present and value it instead of throwing it away in a forgotten closet box. (Which knitter doesn't?)

As you can understand, so far I have never made any wedding gifts. There was no such opportunity anyway in the past 7 years of my knitting experience. But this changed when several months ago, I got an invitation from two good friends of mine for their June wedding in Sweden.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend, since their wedding took place during my University exams, which I couldn't skip, so from early on I sat down and started to contemplate what could I gift them. They had asked for money instead of material gifts (which I found a very good idea and I totally agree with it), but from the moment that I was not going to be there, an envelope with money seemed... cheap.

I believe that in order for people to appreciate what you make for them, it has to be at least something practical and useful in their daily lives. 

Knowing my friends and their love of nature, hiking and spending time outdoors, deciding on a type of knitted item was not difficult: shawls!

The style is the one that was a bit tricky. Both of my friends dress rather casual and I wanted to make items that would go with everything. So instead of lace shawls I looked for solid texture and here is where Stephen West comes to the rescue!

I picked Sharktooth for her and Vulpix for him.

I started knitting before the previous exam period and finished the second one in late June. I missed the wedding, so I sent them out in early August. 

I am happy to say that they are both very satisfied and use their shawls already. :) 

This is my first time making something from Stephen West (I lost my Stephen West virginity! xD) and it was a pleasure.
Sharktooth is a nice knit which can be easily modified in size and keeps things interesting with various elements of texture. I really like the edging that produces the 'shark teeth'. I made mine out of Drops Alpaca and it is super soft and cuddly.
got the chance to use a whole set of my stitch markers :)

Overall it is nice to create visual interest just with a few simple techniques, but that can easily become boring if there are too many repeats. Sharktooth keeps a nice balance in that respect and I would say it is an interesting knit that I might remake someday.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the exam, I can definitely sympathize with you, organic chemistry was not my thing! Just take it easy on yourself, from what I know, you are pretty damn smart. And look at the beauty you bring into the world, those shawls are incredible!

  2. Also, this blog post really helped me through my recent academically challenging time:

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I know you understand :)
      The post is really interesting and the point is true. The main problem with my studies now is the whole situation that exists and affects not just me but also a whole bunch of other students too. It is a really long discussion to start about what is actually going on, but the main thing is, that we all want to 'get out' as quickly as we can, and each exam failed is one step away from that goal.