Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2013, it's 2014 already!

2013 came and went by so fast, it's hard to realise that it's 2014 already! Many things happened during last year, and more are waiting to happen.

I had set 13 goals for the past year, which I had almost forgotten they even existed up until now xD. I didn't get to finish many of them, but I got to do other stuff: travel a lot, have awesome time, meet wonderful people, find a new job and many more.

Sadly I haven't been able to write about all of my travels yet (too busy or too tired or both) but I am planning to do so sometime, along with my most recent Christmas and New Year travelling. ^^

So, last year I was ambitious! I set out to:

1. Keep up with working out and work more on flexibility
- I did that alright!
2. Keep up with Italian
- as much I did before, but not more
3. Spend more time with friends
 - definitely!!
4. Organise something special for birthday
- almost
5. Publish at least 8 more patterns
- not even close, I published just 2, and I have to admit I didn't expect to achieve much more xD
6. Search and prepare for internships
- not really, but then again, I got assigned a Master thesis
7. Pass at least 18 subjects
- this is soooo almost: I got 17, and I am very happy because that was not easy to achieve
8. Get some dancing lessons
- nope, but I am dancing anyway
9. Get a tattoo

10. Get a driver's license

11. Build a professional website
- so much time thinking about it but not actually doing it
12. Continue reading books

13. Exercise drawing

So, it's 8/13, not bad! Not bad at all.

Since I am already feeling quite burned out and totally not in the mood for crazy new beginnings and stuff, for 2014 I have one, yet important goal, to

1. Graduate 

Let's see how this will go! Happy New Year everyone and good luck with your dreams! 

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