Thursday, 19 December 2013

Oddity mittens

I haven't been doing much writing lately, my schedule has been even more busy than ordinary and at the same time the flu decided to stop by for a while.

It has been crazy hectic at work and with my thesis, so for sure I can't wait for my Christmas break!
I managed to get some knitting done, and I also have a pressing deadline right now, to finish a pair of mittens and a beret. The mittens, identical to the ones I am presenting today, are done, of course after some serious mistakes and quite a few re-knitting. But the worst part was today, that after I had reached half way through the beret, I decided that I didn't like it and frogged it all. Now I need to start again and I have a different idea. I hope this one will stick.

Now the Oddity mittens, I have finished these more than a month now. They also had some re-knitting done because at some point I wasn't paying much attention and there you go: mistakes! It's definitely a pattern that needs some concentration but it's not a difficult one. If you get the hang of it and memorise the pattern it flies relevantly quickly off the needles. I also love how the color of the yarn looks on these ones. Just as with the Uzu socks, I wasn't very confident of the combination, but it turned out quite awesome!

The dreadful part of these mittens story is that I nearly lost them some weeks ago. And I didn't even notice immediately, but for sure it ruined a whole day as I totally freaked out. Normally I would just chill and say "Hey, you can make another pair, no biggie", but this time it didn't pass my mind. The yarn is hand dyed so even if I made another one, it wouldn't be the same.

I was lucky enough to have forgotten them at my workplace, so in the end, I just scared myself. xD

Enjoy the pictures and I will go back to knitting and my thesis. Cya!

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