Monday, 20 January 2014


When I first encountered Vandrare, I didn't really expect that I would fall in love with the design. It's simple, it's quick to knit, and oh-so-flattering.

Vandrare means in Swedish 'Traveller' and I was hooked by the whole idea of a simple, cozy yet gorgeous sweater and I set out to find yarn for it. Out of all options, I chose Adriafil Regina, which is considerably thinner than the yarn the pattern calls for, but I liked that Regina is so soft, shiny, and radiates such a vibrant red color.

So, I swatched and chose to make it a M size in hopes that I would achieve negative ease. There was some frogging in the process, but my original idea was fulfilled: it fits just great! It is a bit shorter than expected, but I didn't really mind: I wanted to wear it while travelling in central Europe and didn't have enough time to work on it more. Other stuff were occupying my busy needles.

The way the sweater is constructed is great, since there are no seems and adjustments can be easily made almost any time during the making process. I really like the way the V shape is formed and how the simplest stitch patterns can create such a beautiful garment. I was skeptical at first, because I thought I would get bored by the simple construction and stitches, but there are enough changes to keep interest alive.

By far the most favorite feature are the sides. They just look great!

I also made slight modifications: I replaced the sleeve edgings with a broken weave pattern (is it called that way? I don't remember) because I didn't want rolled sleeves. I also continued with the shaping until both Vs connected to each other at the sides.

It's a rather comfortable garment, it's already a favorite! ^^

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