Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Yarn hunting

The other day I was scouting for yarn in various LYSs (didn't visit my favorite one because it's far away and I didn't have much time) for new shop additions. I found what I was looking for, but bought in total waaay too much yarn. Some of which I like so much, I want to keep for myself.

Firstly, I took a few pictures of the colorways that already exist, so that I can always check the pictures whenever I have a new design in mind. Especially for the times, when I don't have enough time to visit the shops or inspiration strucks in the beginning of the weekend, and then helplessly torture myself until Monday morning!

Amongst the yarn that was bought, there was a skein that was used to make a cowl, the last skeins of the yellow and orange colorway of Bamboo Royal and many frilly yarn skeins.

It's the first time that I buy and use frilly yarns, and that's because I got a sudden inspiration on how I can use them alternatively - not as scarfs. I have made quite a few examples of the first idea, and now I am working on the second one, which is Ravelry inspired of course, but takes considerable more time.

I have already used a few skeins of Bamboo Royal and I will be showcasing the results soon, but there is a problem: I like this yarn so much, I want to keep the FOs for myself! :( 
But I know that I need to put them on the shop - this is why I bought them!

And the source of the problem: it's a discontinued series! -> Which I really can't understand how is that happening to such awesome yarn!

Anyways, I am going back to work now, there is so much I want to show you before the end of this week! (Hope I can make it!)


  1. I personally have a problem with ribbon yarn, but I'm very curious to see what you do with it if it isn't one of those dreaded ruffle scarves. I have a feeling I'll approve of whatever you come up with, maybe you'll change my mind about ribbon yarn! It has been fun hearing about your LYS adventure!

    1. I understand how you feel I have been there! But there are fun ways to play with it, although the second option i am doing right now requires a lot of patience!

      I am actually curious of finding out what else can be done with it - i am sure that there *must* be more ways!!