Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A random project and a new job

So I was out the other day, from one LYS to another, looking for yarn for new shop addictions. And while I was browsing through different yarns, I spotted a lovely skein, and let's say, I indulged. 

Although I think I shouldn't have. But it did me good. That night, and while I was supposed to work on my contest project and some other things, I ditched everything to make this cowl:

I didn't count, I didn't think, I just knitted. And it was so relaxing!! 
And then I realised, that I had brought stress into my knitting, mainly because of the contest knitting piece. It seems that when there is a deadline, I am not enjoying it. At all.

But that is already over, and now there is only enjoyable knitting ahead!

Also something rather interesting about this cowl, is that for the first time I used my 20mm needles! Of course it's super fast to knit on them, but also so funny! It was not the only pair of needles I used, I used also 10mm needles and exchanged between the two sizes randomly. I thought that it would make more of a visible effect, but I guess it's fine either way. ^^

Unfortunately this time, there are -yet- not any modeled pictures, because I am a bit sick again and definitely not in a condition to show my face to people! :\

But of course I have to, and especially for my brand new job. Since last Wednesday I work for a local patisserie shop that offers 'Knitting Seminars' to it's customers. It was/is really enjoyable and I am looking forward to the next ones!

And I might be the one teaching and helping, but that doesn't mean that I don't learn too! Don't they say that in order to truly understand/learn something, that you have to teach it first?


  1. Oh the cowl is so super pretty! I love it when a yarn grabs my attention like that and before I know it there is a wonderful new finished knit to wear. I like the mixture of colors too. I'm sorry to hear you are still feeling sickly! Hopefully you're on the mend by now. I totally want to hear about your new job too!

    1. :)

      unfortunately I became better and then got sick again :P crazy week around here, not enough time to rest!

      I have quite a few things to tell about the new job, I just hope that I find time for it! :)