Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sunbathing in February

 These past few days I am engulfed in a working frenzy - hyperactive all the time without end! The good thing is, that a lot of work gets done, and boy, did my room need tidying up and cleaning!

One of the random things I took up and completed a few days ago, is this very funky hat:

which is made after the Rose pattern with a small enhancement. Given my experience with the other one, I added two rows of elastic thread to keep it a bit tight around the head. Right now it's freshly knitted, and not blocked, so it is a bit tight around the head anyway. ^^

for some peculiar reason, I really like taking pictures like this one with hats

I really like how it turned out, and I might try later a different colorway of this yarn on the same pattern. This yarn, for some reason, I find totally fascinating. It's thick, but also very soft. 

Another thing that I finally got done, was photo-shooting and listing the bikini top I made a few months ago on Etsy. And that's because I finally found the right straps for it. I was looking for something sturdy and good looking, and it was not so easy to spot something that goes well with the knitted pieces.

And here it is! Ready. In February. And for sure I needed to model it, otherwise no photo shows how it is really like.

And the best place to take pictures at home (best lightning) is the balcony. 

As you can imagine, I had to model and take pictures of a summer top half-naked in the balcony in February. Which I did, and it turned out totally great!

But I had a few tricks up my sleeve. First of all, I chose the sunniest time of day, and the spot that got the most sun. I was lucky that it was very sunny that day, so I didn't even feel the cold. But I did have a bottle of homemade Ukrainian vodka at the side, just in case. Secondly, I adjusted and focused my camera to the spot I wanted before I got undressed and lastly, I never took off my jeans, rather just placed a swimsuit cover-up over it. ^^

And since we are in the announcement part, there are some patterns that I have published that I have not announced, but don't remember which, but you can find all of them gathered here.


  1. The hat suits you so well, I love it! Orange is such an under appreciated color too. The bikini is super cute, I'll bet you would sell patterns if you wrote one up.

    1. Actually I have! I didn't notice that I didn't write about it! It's available on Ravelry: and Etsy too! In fact, this green example was made to test knit the pattern :D