Sunday, 24 February 2013

Let's talk about yarn

After acquiring some delicious yarn recently, I suddenly got the urge to document my stash on Ravelry. Something I never thought I would do!

It turns out that documenting your stash is very useful, especially for ravelry projects!

But it's also tedious work, because if the yarn is not recent, or if there are various colorways for one type of fiber, you pretty much have to search your labels a bit more thoroughly - do a bit of research and checking too.

For the 39 different yarns I stashed, which are the most recent and on-top-of-other-stash skeins, it took me several hours, and I was surprised to realise how concentrated in this process I was! I almost missed my yoga class in the evening and totally ditched a dancing night out for yarn!

There is some specific knowledge required for stashing yarn (if you want to do it in detail) and I admit that up until some time ago, I was not very familiar with all the English terms for categorizing yarn. There are some very useful infographics here and there, but I will post here the ones that gave me a bit of insight:


Now, the yarn I wanted to present to you are three different but very beautiful yarns:
First, Lityarn, a 100% linen yarn in an intensive teal color, purchased on Etsy from Davodix.

What I like about this yarn, besides the gorgeous color, is the unusual fiber type (unusual for our LYS stores) and it's extreme thinness!

And of course, that it's 100% Lithuanian! :D

Next is a more common yarn, Gedifra's Fashion Trend in a very interesting green colorway. This yarn is knitted pretty fast: I am already on the 5th skein!

And last but not least, a bulky yarn with an unusual colorway: a very bright burnt orange. I have already used it, although I was not very sure on how the outcome would look like. It looks very nice, I will soon show you!

And that's all about yarn for now, now I have to go back knitting those babies!


  1. Oh I absolutely love the first yarn! The colorway is so rich and vibrant. Isn't it fun to go through yarn and pet it all? I cannot wait to see how they knit up!

    1. Petting them yes! and sometimes just keep staring at their awesome colors :D