Wednesday, 15 August 2012


August is the month of birthdays, but at the same time, the period of working and studying, and not having many friends around in town to go out with.

In our city, it's mostly one of the 'dead' seasons - everybody leaves the town, either for holidays or to go to their village/hometown. Which means that most of my friends are out of town, and the ones that are still here either work or study. Like me.

But there are some sparks or interest and entertainment here and there. One of them, my birthday! Last week I turned 22. Yeah, time flies by very fast! So fast, that my blog is already 3 years old! Imagine that.

This year I came up with a new idea of how to celebrate my birthday. (I was already bored of repeating all the alternatives..) Terrace party! Which turned out to be awesome: not to hot, with open space, great view and atmosphere.

I didn't prepare a lot of stuff: just a music playlist on my macbook, a bed, big floor pillows and candles! It was very comfortable to lie on the floor, instead of sitting awkwardly on chairs... It turned very romantic and atmospheric when the sun had set and we lighted the candles. Very very nice.

I think I will try this again, but with nargile! (totally appropriate and too bad that I didn't have one at the time!)

Till next time!

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