Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last year's resolution

So, last year, I wrote my resolution about 2011. It's time to check if I succeeded,or not in fulfilling my goals!

So the evaluation begins!
  1. Apply a schedule to my messy day - one that I will keep -- most of the time! -- not... exactly.
  2. that means waking up every morning at 8-9 am -- unfortunately not even close!
  3. study, study hard and finally get rid of all those classes I still have to pass! -- more or less - did study, but didn't pass all the things I wanted/needed to.
  4. defeat my incurable laziness and work out regularly -- that's a win!
  5. stop eating sweets and chocolate all the time -- that's a win too!
  6. learn proper German -- I think I have made progress!
  7. visit my homeland, Switzerland -- no, not yet.
  8. exercise my drawing -- just a tiny bit.
  9. read that endless list of books-i-want-to-read -- didn't finish the list(of course), but manage to read quite a lot.
  10. go on holidays this summer -- thank God I did!
  11. start a business (?) -- no, no.
So, out of 11 goals, I have 5 green, 4 orange and 3 red! I think that's quite good performance. (Having in mind that when this list started, I was as unorganised as ever!) 

No I have to think about my new year's resolution!

What about you? How was 2011?



  1. Great! Much better than me since I didn't set any target for the past year during the dawn of the year. Unfortunately, I was very busy doing nothing in the army.

    I think it is very helpful to have a way to keep a track of your actions. When you live them, it motivates you. When you recall them, it is better to have a written record rather than relying solely on your memories.

  2. Yes, sometimes it helps! although it is 'americanish' to do lists, right? :p