Saturday, 30 January 2010


Ok, I have to admit it. Finally, I couldn't help myself.

I have been wanting to write this post for 2 weeks now, but I have been postponing it because of the exam period. Usually, when I have exams I try not to do anything else, because I get excited to do more and more... and there goes concentration and studying.. :\

But I have reached a point now, that I absolutely have to do something different -- I have been studying non stop for 3 weeks -- my head is going to expode! :S

So while I enjoy writing, I will present you this time something special. So special that I had to write the post in English. I really want to thank a certain someone for the inspiration she gives me :).

Before I say what this is all about, I will have to say some other things first. The piece I am going to present is crocheted, and as a few of you may know, I am beginner in crocheting. I mostly spend my time experimenting, and trying to understand how it works. Strangely, I do many flowers and anything that is not square. It could be because as a knitter, I am amazed of how easily and quickly you can make wonders with crochet. :D

So this time, the inspiration came from the wonderful blog of Josefina y el amanecer and particularly this post. I believe that your works Gabriela are simply amazing. I love your technic and the colors you use for each one of them. :)
When I looked at the picture with the red flower - and while experimenting - I thought of trying it out. To challenge myself, if I could really understand how this could be made, and also learn something new in the process. Well, this was the result:

I am really happy that I could achieve it! I know it is not exactly the same, but that was not my goal -- to copy you. No no. What I really want is to say 

Thank you :)

I look forward to the opening of your etsy store ;)

Oh, and I must not forget! My German teacher, Irene, told me to salut you :). This may sound strange, but she learned Spanish from a Chile native, that lives here in Greece, and she also loves your country very much. She always says, that if she had the opportunity she would live there for all her life. ;)

:: the song with which I am now obsessed is In Fear of Fear from Bauhaus :D (sorry there was not there anything better :\) ::

ps: Oh my, it is past 3pm.. I have to go back to studying! I promise I will write again soon! I have a lot of news and projects to share with all of you! ;)

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  1. I have a lot of things to say you...
    but, unfortunately, my English isnt so good...
    Firts, thank you so much for every word that you say here about me and my blog. I will appreciate them always.
    Second, thank you so much for spend your exams time with us, and crocheting!
    Crochet is a fantastic world of many instant satisfactions... Go ahead!
    Copy me?, absolutely not! that flower is from a Japanese book! (I'm not sure about the title because a friend give me the pattern).
    Your version is beautiful, how you wear it?. I will love to see you with those flower in your headband, or in your necklace, or... Show me please, and congratulations, many many congratulations! :D
    Your school friend will love too ;)

    About yous exams. it will a successful, Im sure, absolutely :)

    Is a pleasure to know that your German Teacher know a Chilean woman there, in Greece... so far away from me...
    I have a message for her, Irene, is possible?

    Querida Irene: es un gran gusto saber que existes, y que conoces a esta linda niña.
    Le das un abrazo grande por mí?...
    Dices que te gustaría vivir aquí para siempre. Te digo entonces que, sin dudas, Chile también siente añoranzas de ti.

    Besitos para ti y para ella desde Santiago.

    A very big hug for you, and thank you so much!
    Go ahead , always!