Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pen tablet glove

It was summer and I needed an instant satisfaction knit. I also had on my mind to create a glove that would allow me to draw on my tablet screen without any unwanted issues. That is how the pen tablet glove was created.

I used leftover cotton sport yarn and in a few hours the whole glove was done. I got the inspiration from commercial examples: one, two. (Well, I copied them xD)The whole process is even easier than making a whole glove, because in reality, one doesn't knit the whole palm and so not all fingers.

It looks really cool and has a very good and tight fit. I am thinking of creating a second one with different combination of fingers covered, but not for practical reasons, just because it will look cool.

I am even contemplating of creating a pattern bundle that would contain any variations that I come up with. Now, given the limited free time that I currently have, that idea will just go on the design to-do list that keeps growing and growing.


  1. Very nice! I like the color and it looks good crafted and so comfy. Perfect work!!!

  2. This is such an interesting concept, I really like it. It does look different too, I look forward to your next design

    1. :) let's see if idea number two will work out nicely :)

  3. this has been in my ravelry favorites for a long time.. you could say it was love at first sight.. now that I have seen more photos of it, I love it even more! it's so unique!! congratulations!