Saturday, 11 October 2014


During the summer months, and even though I had various projects in my hands, I got the urge to start a cotton top. I had Spellbound in my queue for a while, and since I had enough stash of cotton yarns I decided to go for it!

It is interesting to know how this pattern landed on my to-do list (and how I discovered Xandy Peters). One spring day on my way to work and after having worked dropped stitches for this dress, I envisioned a neckline that is formed entirely by dropped stitches. My first thought was to design a new top in this fashion. Somehow I got the idea to search for it first on Ravelry pattern database, and voila! I found Spellbound. It has all the elements I like in a top: cropped, simple and with flattering neckline.

If you check out the original, it is knit in Sport weight and with one color. Since I was low on sport weight at that moment and had various single skeins of different colors, I decided to work some stripes in DK. There is not much difference in size, as my gauge was only a bit different. I knitted a size smaller and got a nice fitting result without much change in the pattern's calculations. (The pattern is for a top with much positive ease, but I prefer more fitted tops).

also added ribbing at the lower edge to prevent curling. believe it or not, this is a picture of the side seam! the stripes match up almost perfectly!

The top has another advantage, both necklines are reversible, which means that I can choose which one I like in front every time I wear it. There is only one problem though: when connecting the neckline edge at the end of the top's assembly, the dropped stitches side becomes to tight around the neck. I felt like it was choking me, so I ripped it back and let it be loose instead.

I like the effect the dropped stitches create, but I do not like the upper edge: it is far too straight across to be a flattering neckline. That is the main reason why I wear the dropped stitches on my back more often.
Maybe someday I will try to create a different version of this neckline.

So far it has proven very comfy, even in very warm weather. I adore the stripes and this comes as a surprise, as I am not a stripe person. I used 5 colors: Dark blue(Sport) for the edges and seams, Yellow, Turquoise, Purple and Lila(DK) for the body and sleeves.
I worked various repeats of the Fibonacci sequence for the most part of the body: from the edge until the bust and then from there to the top just one stripe repeats of the colors as they appeared.

The garment is worked back and forth, so you might think that one stripe sequence would create many ends. That is not much so. Because I used 4 colors for the main body, considerable gaps were created only during the use of the Fibonacci sequence. But it was easy to just carry on with floats at the edges, instead of cutting each end.

I have to admit though, that I like the wrong side better. Too bad that the seams look bad from that side. :\

and a picture of Schnewi, as I haven't been featuring him lately at all! xD

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