Saturday, 26 November 2011


So I returned from the trip I talked so much about and didn't write anything! Damn you post event depression!

Actually it's hard to concentrate and return to routine. It always is. Because there are all those enjoyable memories playing back again and again in your head, making you wish you had never left. or better that you should return immediately!

So how was it? Amazing of course! and a bit of cold, but it was much less than I expected - it was a survival-ble condition.

It was another yet again BEST event, which meant of course multicultural environment and a lot of craziness. ^^

But unfortunately not as leisure as expected, we had to some work to do too(meaning spending too many hours in a classroom), of which some of the results you can see here:

 yes, we are famous in Latvia!

We were staying most of the time in the old Riga, that's the old part of the city, where the streets are of stone and narrow, buildings are of beautiful architecture(eg Jugendstil) and one can find almost everything by just walking for a bit.

Which of course means shopping! And the ideal shopping I usually do: Yarn!
I found Latvian, Finnish and Russian beautiful yarn that unfortunately I cannot find in Greece.. but for all that I will write thoroughly on another post!

I should say, it was a good getaway from routine for a while, although right now it's f*hard!, I got the chance to see and experience new things(party bus!), which all in all is awesome as always.

I also found Riga a very beautiful city, not too big, not to small, with a personality, a certain history and an appealing style. It didn't matter much that there was not that much sun, or that it was cold, or that you couldn't drink in public. :p The quietness, the clean air and the beautiful scenery make up for all the previous. And of course the activities and opportunities this city has to offer. We were lucky enough to stumble upon the StaroRiga festival, the festival of lights. There were activities, small concerts and all kinds of events spread through out the whole city. Just beautiful, clever and engaging.

I don't know if I could live there for more than 10 days, but I would gladly like to try, and soon. why not?


  1. That night in the bus was legendary!

  2. Yeah it was! the rest of them were amazing too ^^

  3. I love u and miss u! Aaaa, this was amaizing ;)