Wednesday, 9 June 2010


A Valentine

For her this rhyme is penned, whose luminous eyes,
Brightly expressive as the twins of Loeda,
Shall find her own sweet name, that, nestling lies
Upon the page, enwrapped from every reader.
Search narrowly the lines! -- they hold a treasure
Divine -- the talisman -- an amulet
That must be worn _at heart_. Search well the measure --
The words -- the syllabes! Do not forget
The trivialest point, or you may lose your labor!
And yet there is in this no Gordian knot

Which one might not undo without a sabre,
If one could merely comprehend the plot.
Enwritten upon the leaf where now the peering
Eyes scintillating soul, there lie _perdus_
Three eloquent words oft uttered in the hearing
Of poets, by poets -- the name is a poet's, too.
Its letters, although naturally lying
Like the knight Pinto -- Mendez Ferdinando --
Still form a synonym for Truth -- Cease trying!
You will not read the riddle, though you do the best _you_ can do.


An Enigma

"Seldom we find," says Solomon Don Dunce,
"Half an idea in the profoundest sonnet.
Through all the flimsy things we see at once
As easily as through a Naples bonnet -
Trash of all trash! - how_can_ a lady don it?
Yet heavier far than your Petrarchan stuff -
Owl - downy nonsense that the faintest puff
Twirls into trunk-paper the while you con it."
And, veritably, Sol is right enough.
The general tuckermanities are arrant
Bubbles - ephemeral and _so_ transparent -
But _this_ is, now - you may depend upon it -
Stable, opaque, immortal - all by dint
Of the dear names that he concealed within 't.


Edgar Allan Poe.

:: Άν θέλετε να βρείτε μόνοι σας τα ονόματα μην διαβάσετε παρακάτω!::

Και στα δύο ποιήματα, αν διαβάσετε το πρώτο γράμμα της πρώτης γραμμής, με το δέυτερο γράμμα της δεύτερης γραμμής, με το τρίτο γράμμα της τρίτης γραμμής κλπ θα ανακαλύψετε τα ονόματα. :D

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