Sunday, 28 December 2014

Hearts, crochet hearts everywhere!

Remember the little hearts I designed last year?
A few months ago I started using the pattern in new ways: in earrings, necklaces and... strike-through the heart pins!

For the jewelry pieces, I used really thin cotton crochet thread and I found it a really exciting process, but also rather tiring to the eyes.. That doesn't mean though that I wouldn't try it again. :)

The traditional thin crochet is interesting and I suspect that it holds much design wonder in it. One must simply have sufficient supplies of patience and well-lit spaces to dive into it.

Another interesting aspect of these tries are the mixing of media. I had much fun creating the brooches, even though bending wire to create the arrows was not happy-go-merry in the beginning.
These are the second try at arrows and most of the first wires would just break, .. halfway through.

My first idea on arrows was to use toothpicks and gold thick metal foil. But the foil would no way let itself be glued together with the toothpick. I was kind of sad because as a non-glued prototype, it looked awesome!

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