Saturday, 29 November 2014

Another crochet shawl

Remember this shawl? I got a commission for another one, this time normally sized. It was a pleasure to crochet and quite relaxing too.

Since it was not 2.5m wide like the last one, it took far less time to get completed. I finished it with a bit less than 7 days' work! Given that I am currently working on a seemingly never-ending project, this was a pleasurable break!

Actually, that long lasting project has caused me to cast on a variety of smaller projects. It goes without saying that a knitter cannot have just one project on the needles, and a good mix of crochet and knitting can soothe the hands and the mind!

With this shawl I also got the idea of creating a shawl pin. I wanted something rather simple, in matching colors and also (very important) practical. Since the shawl is white, I ended up on a dark indigo-gold mix. I also used a pin for closure. It is not the best looking, but it is simply practical.

Right now I am working at a small cross stitch piece as a side project. Can't wait to finish it in order to use it! :D

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